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Letter from the Chairs

Dear Stakeholders of the Evolving Energy Ecosystem,

Welcome to 10unsolvables.org! This website presents the results of the 2nd International Student Energy Summit that was held in Vancouver, Canada June 9-11, 2011. It represents the collaboration of more than 500 students, academics, business leaders and government officials from more than 35 countries over a period of six months.

The 10 “Unsolvable” Energy Problems originally began as an idea for a marketing campaign to attract delegates to ISES 2011. The organizing team was eager to hear from students around the world on which energy problems they deemed to be extraordinarily challenging, and in a tongue-and-cheek manner potentially even “unsolvable”. As you can see by this site, it grew into much more. A group of young energy leaders called the Student Assembly grew the idea into a narrative that would eventually frame the entire three-day conference.

The Student Assembly’s efforts prior to, during and after the conference have culminated into what you see here – a road map to take action on what has been described as the great challenge of our generation. So where do you fit? The solutions outlined here need bold leaders to champion them. Explore and experience the 10 Unsolvables here, then pledge your commitment to solve them.

The challenge is great, and the clock is ticking. Join the movement of students who have recognized that we hold our energy future not just in our hands, but more importantly in our actions. A movement of students determined to craft an energy future that is a sustainable one.

Yours in the Future of Energy,

Rosie Pidcock & Emily Brown
Chairs, ISES 2011



Thank you to the following individuals for making 10unsolvables.org a reality:

Nick Choy (ISES 2011 Student Assembly Manager) for his tireless devotion to the vision of this site, and for never, ever leaving a Student Assembly behind.

Natalie Ng (Finance Director) for editing the analysis of the Problems.

Ivy Wan (ISES 2011 Delegate Recruitment Director), Anita Chang (ISES 2011 Speaker Coordiator), Timothy Wong (ISES 2011 Delegate Relations) and Bryan Nguyen (ISES 2011 Delegate Relations) for contributing to the development of ideas for this site.

Cole Nakatani and Andrei Pop at Ideahack for taking a crazy pipedream of an idea, and building it into a real website.


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